Growing a bar from one of its sides

I was goofing around with more a/s and was trying to grow a bar using _height and a random value. However, it seems to grow from the center, and I’d like it’s x or y value to be fixed.\r\rIt is basically a vertical bar. I want the bottom to stay fixed, so the bar will grow up.\r\rWhile we’re at it… I’d also like to figure how to show it “growing” progressively… I tried a while(condition){\r\rbut I must have constructed it wrong. Any thoughts?\r

Edit your bar, and set the point that you want to remain fixed where is the littel crosshair.\rTry the code :

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {\r\r  (this._height < 200) ? this._height += 5 : trace ("Finished" ) ;\r\r}

pom 0]

By the way, you can’t use a while loop, because it will execute in one frame, so you won’t see the bar grow.\r\rpom 0]

I figured out the registration point, thanks. I was able to draw on the power of the Kirupa Oracle and the answer came to me as soon as I posted the question.\r\rI do have a question. It would appear there is no way of truly changing the registration point of an object (crosshairs) after it has been created. I did try the transform, and moving the circle, but this doesnt actually move the crosshairs. Any input on this one?\r\rPom, I did try your code for showing the bar growing… I will apply and see how it looks. Thanks.\r\r

Well, it turns out that Kirupa provided the answer in the MX forum (the answer on registration point). Just so this post is complete…\r\rI had to click on Edit in Place and move the object in relation to the crosshairs. That changed the registration point.