Grunge Experiments

Well, there is only one. I figured since everyone else is using grunge effects, I might as well give it a shot. I don’t really like to join popular culture, but these kinds of effects might actually look good and go with the site I am currently working on… Tell me what you think. This took 5 minutes (at most)…

when I do more I’ll post. Just would like some opinions…

I’m trying to get the hang of this thing…sorry if i’m getting annoying…

All of those are great Jubba.

I like the second one in Post #2 better. It seems to have a dirtier feel to it.

thanks lost. I took the first one out, cuz it kind of sucked…it was basically the same, but it had a white over lay and it just didn’t look right…

yeah, #2 is more ‘grunge’. but #1 is sick! i totaly dig that one, more clean cut. i like it.

U might want to do some effect to her face. It is too much of a contrast to have a clean face in the middle of all that grunge. Mabye just even make it darker. The second one looks great.:slight_smile:

Just as a note: Jubba originally had 2 images in his second post, and he asked which one was better, which is why I said the second one in post 2 :slight_smile:

Just in case that confused anyone.

Here is one I made up based on a tutorial by void x or something and the brushes No-tec posted from nocturn or something like that. If you have a dark monitor it won’t look as good.

how do i anti-alis text? btw i am the #16 poster, Jubba is ahead by just over 50:evil: time to get buissy(sp)MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAbreathHAHAHAHAHAH

You mean PS right. It is a check box up in the property bar. I think it shows up when u have the text tool selected

Sintax: I’ve seen that tutorial. It does look good, but for the overlay, try using difference clouds instead of that rock pattern It makes it look much better.

Ya i just threw it together quick when I was done the tut. I might modify it yet:)

so sintax how is GTA VC?

I thought this looked pretty cool. What do you think?

GTA VC is awesome! Haven’t played in a couple of days tho, beause I have been super busy with school work and website work…

That i like the colors and the effects. I’ll make another one tonight. I’ll put some work into it though this time :stuck_out_tongue:

mdipi GTA:VC is the best game ever. Oh and jubba I found the sea plane. Buy the massion and the movie studio. Then the palne shows up behind the massion.


wtf! thats awsome! haha, if only i had PS2…thats the down side of XBOX, but hey, we get Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance first!:stuck_out_tongue:

my friend got the chopper!:stuck_out_tongue:

Its a good game but it is short I think I can pass it in like 5 hours now. The sequl is coming out for PS2 soon. I hope you get to be sanke more this time and not stupid rydan. That guy licked it.

btw, sintax, the anti-alis check box is no longer there. so i dont know what do do! screen shot will be provided if needed.