I already asked this question once, but it seems to be impossible to find an answer?!

I am still searching how to make a guestbook, I would like it in Flash, butt I would mind if someone could give me a guestbook in Html of Cgi.

Can someone help me Pleaze???



, Hello

Thx for the reply

However That guestbook doesn’t seem to work on Tripod, could that be possible?

I will try again to see if it works sometime,

Could it be that the server of Tripod doesn’t wants that or what, anyway, thanks a lott.


Could be because Tripod doesn’t support PHP. I’m not sure if someone else knows a method using perl…

It’s is **** ***!

Perhaps if you see the it you know what the mistake is, here’s the adress:

There you see that it show some errors??

Do you know the mistake?


It could be you’d have to refresh the page

sorry about that!


Even if you could use Perl, Tripod doesn’t support the chmod of its files so they can be written to. The only use for the cgi-bin is really just for your own e-mail cgi script.

You can use Bravenet to make an html guestbook. All the cgi is on their side, so it is perfect for tripod users.

Not to advertise or anything, but you should also check out some of their other features, they came in handy for certain things I wanted to do when I was on tripod. Especially the Site Stats.

Hi again lostinbeta,

About that guestbook, I have finally registerd (56k modem) and now i get that guestbook, right?


Is that that guestbook? didn’t you said no banners???

I don’t know, perhaps I did something wrong?:-\


That is the guestbook. I said “not to advertise or anything” meaning, I wasn’t trying to advertise their site.

That big blue BraveNet Web Services image in there can be change to your own title image. You have to log into their site and change it there. I have never used the guestbook, so I am not exactly sure how to edit it, I just know you can.

I think pretty much everything you need to know about how to change it is said in the first entry that they put in there for you.

The sponsorship ad at the top, unfortunately, cannot be changed.

hmm one question,

if you go to that guestbook, you see below a certain text, i didn’t red it because it doesn’t seems interesting, can I make that disappear???


I am not sure I understand. Do you mean can you delete the first entry added by them? If so, then yes, you should be able to.