Guidance for Flash 'To-Do list'

I’m a teacher with ~300 students. And I’m trying to create a resource for my students, an online to-do list if you will. Which would be integrated into their class website.

The problem lies in the fact that I’m only a beginner at flash, and the last time I used the program was ~2 years ago. I have access to our mac labs, which I believe have the latest CS4 suite on them. Now I’m not asking for some one to do this for me, All that I ask is if someone could nudge me in the right direction. I’ve tried to find tutorials online, but most just seem a bit overwhelming or do not discuss things which would be relevant to this little project. Essentially if someone could tell me topics that I should look into within the program and try to understand which would be able to help me achieve what it is that I’m trying to achieve.

The way I want this To-Do list to work is that it would consist of a list (such as the second attached photo) and basically when the student had finished an assignment they could click on the box saying they finished it, and that item would disappear and the rest of the things left on the list would just slide up (As in the first attached picture, student clicks finish, then clicks yes I am sure and then it disappears).

Essentially the list should:
[]Be editable (to a degree), and saved for each individual student on their computer (without any sort of login, I think cookies would have something to do with this)
]A list that only I (Webmaster) would be able to easily edit with new Assignments/Due Dates info and it would just add it to the list the next time the student went to the website.
[]It would have to be time based, so when the time passed it would disappear (for exams etc.)
]Able to create links to pages, so that when the student clicks Exam, they’re re-routed to the Exam information, that is more thorough etc.

The plan is to integrate this into a webpage. I assume flash is the program I would have to use for this. But is Flash the right program? if anyone knows another program which would probably be better that could be integrated into websites and is supported by all browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE, Opera).

So yeah if anyone could just nudge me in the right direction or just let me know what sort of main flash concepts I should look into (and maybe even how they could help me) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

If anything is unclear, please let me know so I can try to make it clearer.