Guided motion tween of a line/rectangle.......?

hi folks
i have a question on guided motion tween of rectangle/line

initially the rectangle is small at the start point, as it moves towards the end, i need it to fill/grow along its guide layer(hidden)

i want to have something like this

start pos:

End pos


what do you mean by grow along its guide layer?.. It might be as simple as using motion tween. in frame 1 have it be all small. then in the last frame scale it to what you want. :slight_smile:

what i mean is, it should increase its size horizontally as it moves in each frame till it reaches the last frame.

i know it’s pretty easy but i’m having trouble to recollect it,any suggestions please…


Well… I guess the first question is, is it a line, as in a “stroke” or is it a rectangle, as in a square “fill”?

The “stroke” will increase in size when you scale it.

Create your square/rectangle in a frame. Choose from the menu options “insert/create motion tween” Select a frame 10 or so away from that last keyframe. Choose “insert/keyframe”. Now with this last keyframe selected, choose your “black arrow” scale tool, and pull the right edge further out to the right… now go back and play it, and see what happens. If this is not the effect you’re talking about, write back.


i tried to do what u said, but when i play it instead of expanding only towards right, the rectangle expands on both sides.
i just want it to expand on side,…


ahhh… sorry about that. you are quite correct, I left out a step.

  1. create your square
  2. select it and hit F8, or use menu option “insert/create motion tween.”
  3. select the square if it is not already selected. You should see a blue trace line around it, signifying that it is a group. (it has probebly been named tween1 or something similar) Choose menu option “modify/transform/edit center” and you will see the center point has changed to a small dot, rather than the normal crosshair. click and drag this center point to the left edge of the square.
  4. Now select frame 10 and insert a key frame.
  5. using the scale tool, scale the box out towards the right.

Notes. You can edit the center point after you’ve indicated frame 10 as a key frame, but you will need to edit the center point on both frame one, and frame ten. If you edit it before you add any keyframes, that edited center point will carry over to each new keyframe created.

Hope that helps. Let me know how it works out.

thanx, that worked…

booga booga