Guitar hero, barf

This is sad, My “lose all respect for the person talking” award goes to

“It’s exciting, 27 years into your career, to be doing something first,” said Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. “In five to 10 years it’ll be a normal thing to release an album to ‘Guitar Hero’ the same day as the record.”

I never liked metallica much anyways, does anybody think this is a fairly naive statement? I think guitar hero is like disco music, it won’t stay in the mainstream for long

Who says disco’s dead?

I just think its not in the mainstream, i like disco personally

Dont rock the boat dont rock the boat baby duh duh duh

All I know about GH is that I got 100% on “The Seeker” on medium and my life was complete.

You know Lars´s has gotta feed his hundreds of groupy kids.

You know Lars has got to feed his undying ego.

Doing something first? If he’s talking about releasing an album through guitar hero it’s already been done before in rock band, I believe at least nine inch nails released one that way. I mean, at least get your research done before claiming to be pioneering new ways to get music out.