Rainy summer in Sweden, here is my entry …


// Mattias

nice. very entertaining.

again, nice graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

very addicting!

one thing, though…you can “cheat” by holding down the “s” key and then hitting it rapidly…i got a 1120 combo that way…dunno if that was intentional or not.

[edit]Yea, that definitely is not good…just got 11290 by only doing that hehehe[/edit]

I was testing out what you said and that happens. I got the top score. If the maker is reading this please delete mine.

Yeah, this is what happens when you have no beta-testers. Kind of funny, I can’t cheat in my own game. Yeah yeah, I put a timer on the “toe-delay” now, hope that will work as a stopper. But … I wouldn’t know as the cheat don’t work for me … :slight_smile:

Cool game, I especially like the graphics :thumb:

Nice work.

I love Sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

Brilliant, very professional =)

I think your timer fixed the glitch~!


I also found a bug in which you can send your score as much as you like… though I don’t know whether its fixed or not because I have yet to get onto the highscores now that the other cheat is fixed.

Aaah! I have the top score in the long jumping but this game is beyond me. My highest was five thousand and something.

I can assure you, there is no cheating in the highscore. This game requires a little more [color=Red]planning[/color] to reach the top score than “Barefoot longjump”!

look at the highscore now :sure:

Rainy summer in Sweden

I hear ya brother, good thing I’m going to france soon.
anyway, great game again

Great! :beer:

I love Sweden

I can’t really believe you mean that… have you ever actually been to Sweden?

I guess he is trying to express that he loves swedish girls :stuck_out_tongue:

Right on :wink:

But I also rooted for the Swedish soccer team during Euro2004 :stuck_out_tongue:
I dunno, I just feel like I have this connection with Sweden, although I’ve never visited it. But I’m planning to someday…

we all feel that connection

        ...especially when tall blonde girls are near ;)

18,740…puahahaha :snug: