Halloween Costumes

What kind of costumes are you guys gonna wear, or even wish you could wear and why?

I want to be Disco Stu, because he has all the moves and women.
“Not today, back away Disco lady…”


I would be a wizard. Not the typical halloween wizard, but one.

I will leave the Harry Potter-ish wizard thing to Ilyas.

It is hard to explain which kind I will be… hrmm…

The kind I am :x :evil:

I’m going with a bad on my head! :stuck_out_tongue:

loL! i havent seen that costume yet =)

Well… I haven’t uploaded yet, but I have friends and myself dressed as demons, except one of us who went as Hunter Thompson. If you can appreciate the humor of that, I’ve got some adrenal glad extract for you.

the bats… AHHH!!! get away.

**** ether…

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to confess I never really got on with the dressing up and ‘trick or treat’ aspect of Halloween. Dunno why. Maybe because it’s not as big a deal over here. Or is that just my town? :slight_smile:

But if I did dress up, I would have to be a little devil. Well, it’s kinda the reverse of the London Angel, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Well… being 32, my friends and I did not go trick or treating, we just had a couple of huge costume parties to go to. :slight_smile:

as a kid though, my brothers and I were really into the whole thing. I think because my mother is a born again pagan (sort of) and my father an athiest (or at least he raised us so) Holloween was one of the only holidays that was really unrelated to a major religion.

i’m going to be kirupa for halloween.
i’m going to find a picture of him somewhere, perhaps the FBI’s most wanted, then blow it up, then put it on a mask or something.

(krup, you know i’m joking. we coo?)

“Oh, God, think of the children. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children”

Don’t dress as Kirupa thoriphes, you would frighten too many little kids.

I’m going as a flasher :).

Wohoo Thor! I was planning on dressing up as you and going trick or treating. This may work out well after all…

Kirupa :rambo:

David… great idea! I love it!!!

“…did you see what GOD JUST DID TO US!!!”

I was not made for the heat, as I sweat profusly. My doctor says it isnt the heat, but the massive amounts of drugs and alcohol I ingest. (that quote’s from memory, so I hope you get the idea!)

hahaha… great stuff!


I can’t decide what to ve for Halloween. So far I’m not going as anything so if yall have any ideas let me know? I won’t be going trick-or-treating or anything, but probably go to a party or two with my friends.


I’ll just re-rent my prom suit and be a mock up crappy 007!

GREAT! I be kirupa, and kirupa be me, and NOBODY would know who the hell we were.

im gonna go as michealangelo, ima dress ina robe and yell at people and talk about how sculpture is soo cool. haha…jk…im gonna go as me.

I am going as the asian techno rock star… only I am not asian, or a techno rock star, but thats the point of a costume right? How many people are really gorillas eh?

hey guys check out my costume!

<img src = “http://www.raydred.com/photogallery/me/that70sguy.jpg”>

I bought th wig, the rest is clothes i actually wear, (so its not too much of a costume lol

Isn’t that the shirt from your avatar???

ACtually no its a newer bright oraange hawaian shirt =)

Something about Hawaii and Oragne i just love lol =)