Happy B-Day RenaissanceGirl

[color=red]Have a good One[/color]

:beer: :beer:

[size=7][color=deepskyblue]Happy[/color] [color=royalblue]Birthday[/color] [color=blue]Ren[/color][color=darkorange]!![/color][/size]

happily birthididdlah!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Anniversary on the Day you were Born! :thumb:

happy bday girl! hope everything is well!!


Happy Birthday Ren! I hope you get everything you could ever want, now and in the future, because you deserve every bit of it :love:

happy birfday! :slight_smile:

Happy Bday!!! :slight_smile:

Aw… I’ve been in lurk mode for quite some time now - but thanks for the well wishing guys! :love:

yadhtrib yppah

[size=8]HAPPY BIRTHDAY ![/size]

Happy B-day RG :party::beer:

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[/u][center] [size=5][font=Comic Sans MS][color=blue]H[/color][/font]appy [font=Comic Sans MS][color=blue]B[/color][/font]irthday[/size] *[/center]
[center]* *[/center]

I agree with Alex!!!

Happy Birthday ReniassanceGirl!!! The big 2 5, huh? :sure:

Renny!! Happy Birthday!!

That’s right… I’m a quarter of a century.

But sometimes I still feel like I’m 12.

[size=7][color=orange][font=Fixedsys][color=darkred]Happy [/color][color=red]Birthday[/color] ! ! ![/font][/color][/size]

I thought she was banned! :smiley: j/k happy birthday…