Happy Birthday Kirupa!

[size=7][FONT=century][COLOR=blue]HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRUPA !!![/size][/font][/color]

Hope you have a great day :wink:


[size=10]***BAPPPY HIRTHDAY K-MAN!***[/size]

[color="#DDDDDD"][size=1](weird, I tried to start a thread like this earlier and after 10seconds it disapeared, or got deleted. Hmmm. Oh well)[/size][/color]

[SIZE=20][FONT=courier new][COLOR=blue]HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Thanks for this wonderful site :slight_smile:

happy birthday, kirupa!

Oh my oh my, how did I not notice this!?!?!?


I LOVE YOU!!! :love:

lol thanks :wink:

Happy Birthday. I know 3 people who have Dec 9th now.

Happy Birthday Man
Hope you get tons of school work to get you going!

haha - so true :slight_smile: With finals coming up next week, there really isn’t much time for me to take a break. At least I will get to go home after that though, so there is light at the end of the tunnel!

so this is a real birthday and not a sears birthday ala’ philbo’s imagination …

HappyBirthday Kirupa :beam:

Happy Birthday!:beer:

[SIZE=1]looks around for the strip*** umm dancers … hmm maybe next year[/SIZE]*:smiley:

happy Birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:
I late :frowning:

O well…better late than never…

[SIZE=4]Happy Birthday KIRUPA!!![/SIZE]


[SIZE=3]Happy birthday![/SIZE]

Have a super cool birthday Kirupa!
:slight_smile: :-\ (-: :-\ :slight_smile: :-\ (-: :slight_smile:

Tell us what presents you got!!!


Flash rules. Dreamweaver rules. Kirupa rules! :smiley: :beam:

im late :slight_smile:

happy bday, thanks to you, we are all posting here :smiley: