Happy Birthday Mariofan!

[size=7]**[color=darkorange]Happy[/color] [color=yellowgreen]B-Day[/color] [color=royalblue]Mariofan[/color][color=red]!!![/color] :gm: **[/size]

Yup. Cheers ! And to the family too.

happy b-day boyo :beam:

Happy birthday, and as a special birthday treat, here is a word of wisdom from the Japanese Book of Proverbs:

Crowded elevator smell different to midget.

happy birthday to you! and to me, since its my birthday too!

[size=12][color=red]HAPPY B-DAY MAN!!![/size][/color]

Happy Birthday my fellow Nintendo Brother! Hope all is well in the card business!

Our whole Nintendo Family would like to say Happy Birthday as well! :slight_smile:

:toad: :link: :kir: :yoshi: :luigi: :mario:

do any of you get money as birthday presents? and if yes, how much do you usually accumulate on one birthday?

Happy Birthday Mariofan!!!

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=6]***[COLOR=DarkOrange]HAPPY[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray] BIRTH[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkRed]DAY!![/COLOR][COLOR=Red]!![/COLOR]***[/SIZE][/FONT]

When do you ever come back? Havn’t seen him post in a while.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=6][FONT=Arial Black]HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIO[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] :party: :party: :party:

Happy birthday dude!


happy birthday :toad:

happy birthday man:) hope ya got some cool mario stuff for your birthday.

has he even seen this thread? he hasn’t posted lol

[font=Fixedsys][color=RoyalBlue][size=6]**[color=Red]HAPPY[/color] [color=Yellow]BIR[/color][color=Black]TH[/color][color=Yellow]DAY[/color] [color=Red]MARIO[/color][color=Black]!?![/color]