Hard Drive To Hard Drive

my uncle just bought me a 250gb hard drive because im wokring for him on 3DS Max.

Dont matter my qquestion is if I can move all my files from my Local Disk C: (basically my 20gb hard) over to my 250gb hardrive and then format 20gb and make my 250gb my windows XP?

Any ideas on how to do that

you could make a ghost image of it or back up image
if you have the program


if you could set one as the slve hd and one as the primary hd and copy from one to the other

if you want the 250 to be your new XP
i would take the current hd out, plug up the new one install windows xp on it

then remove the new one from the machine…

plug the old one back up
then plug the new one up as a slave (both hds are now in the same system)

once you are up and running transfer all data from 20GB to 250GB that you need and place it in the folders that the fresh install of XP on the 250GB made…

once this is done…

unplug both hard drives from the system…plug the new one(250) as master, and the old one (20) as the slave.

fire up windows - make sure everything is kosher (i.e. you copied everything you need) then format the old(20GB) one.

badda bing.

I’m pretty sure you can pull it off without a hitch. When you move the files from one drive to the other, just make sure you’re copying everything, hidden files and all. You may have to mess with the boot record on the 250 drive after doing so, but that’s simple. I haven’t done this method since the days of Windows 98 so I don’t know what its success rate with XP will be.

I would just reinstall XP on the new drive if you can.

its easy with XP - at my job I have to do a lot of evidence data recovery and it’s smooth as silk.

Sorry guys I left out the most important info on it.

I dont have windows Xp i only have the restore CD’s and the tech support guy said somethig about not allowed using thee Restore cd if the HD is not the same capicty as my old one.

Then he recoomended me getting XP but i bought there system so I wouldent have to.

Anyways when i got my newq harddrive it came with software and drivers the software gave me a choice of moving all files off my 20gb harddrive and putting them on the New one I thought of it and I was thining yes but if I do that will it catch every file I want and make my 250 the bootable drive.

I know how to make it a bootable drive anyways I can use there software.

Anyways what ya think.

1.Use there software to copy every file of 20gb
2.Go buy Windows XP Home edition and format all drives then put it on my 250gb

I have a method to help you out - I need to think it over though - don’t want to sound weird but its a powerful tool.

waiting to hear back from some higher ups.

I’m not sure how to do this but can’t ya set something so the comp things yuor 250 gb is a 20gb and a 230 gb drive? and why not just make the 250gb drive yuor secondary drive and leave the 20 gb drive as the primary with only the os on it this way it wouldrun faster because the os has 19 gb of evxra space

You know, I was about to suggest that as well. It’s similar to my current set up:

40GB for Windows
240GB for my clears throat 240GB of data.

signfier I might do that since this 250gb harddrive is for me to make animations and all kinds of other 3D work.

So I have about 14gb to transfer to my 250 and left on my 20gb will be about 18gb so that sounds good.

One problem that was buggin me about doing that is that I coudl install programs and other stuff will it go in my start bar and Desktop and all that stuff??

I received a message back from a moderator Bulldog.
I’m posting this publicly so there is no doubt that I’m giving you this software to use in a legal fashion. I cannot be held responsible for any use/misuse of this software by you. I am providing this software in good faith to retrieve an encrypted cd key stored on a machine that you personally own to obtain a liscence that you have legally purchased from a legal software vendor.

Any other use is prohibited by law.

This also applies to anyone else on this forum who views, uses, or downloads this item.

You have to visit a third party website to retrieve this tool. Again I am in no way liable for any actions taken by supplying this information.

Prstudio - First of all it provides a cd key for what software?
second if its for Windows XP I just realized that I have a C-D Key in the back of my Emachines computer and it says for Windows Xp but i havent needed to use it on the restore cd at all.

Anyways I just wanted you to answer the first question there before I open the link.

prs: :wink:

The program works on most, if not, all Windows installations.

Thanks for the link anyway, it’ll prove useful to me in the future.

Are you winking because of my good looks.

lol anyways why are you winking because im right.

Alirght I opened the link all though it gives me the Cd Key how am I gonna get the software??

does you computer have a restore cd that is just for XP?

like Dell has one that is just for XP, one that is just for drivers and troubleshooting, one that is just for applications…etc.

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