Hard Menu, anyone can help me please?

Hi all, here it is the question:

I’m making a portfolio, it has a large amount of images, one by work, (maybe there are 25) and they are put in a horizontal band, the images all have the same height, but not he same width, and they load an external MC of each work.

So I want to create an array storing all this values, _width, and MC to load.

Secondly I have a frame like a stroke of the picture, the frame is in the center of the band of images, and there are two arrows, one to move on the band to the left, and other to the right. The thing is that when I push the arrow the band must move 15 px on left or right, and te frame must adapt (with easing) to the _width of the image.

And one more thing, there will be many many images in a future, so I would like that a user if it’s holding the left or the right arrow for a medium/long time it could make the band of images to go faster from one to another. I think it’s so simple of changing the speed of the movement, what I don`t kwow is how to know if the button is pressed for a long-meidum time.

I don’t know to do anything of that, neither array, neither move the band by actionscript, anything, so if anyone can please help me.

Thanks a lot for your time.

P.S.: Actually I have the movie running with Motion Tween :frowning: