Hardcoded Flash/XML

Hi to everyone, first post on Kirupa so go easy on me! - (although have used the site for over a yr now).

What im looking for is an example / tutorial off a xml based flash listing simliar to the one featured on moluv.com.

One with almost an asp spec for exampe the actionscript would be along the lines of display the first 5 records from the xml and have a previous and next button that shows the next 5 etc…

this is for a personal project to be called hacked which will be a showcase / design resource site along the lines of linkdup.com / moluv.com and various others - basically its not commercial and for my own portfolio & experience.

Skills - Flash 5 - MX - Intermediate / Actionscript / Intermediate

I know it can be done with components and the xml connector but am looking for a more flexible solution preferabbly handcoded.

Thank you in advance!