Hate to follow VTS31's thread

but, here is a wallpaper I did last night. Kinda the same style as my last one. I think i’m doing better w/ my colors now. Its kinda simple, But lemme know what you kirupians think of it.


i think its good except for the green>black fade, i think it should change from green on the bottom to black at the top quicker

this one is cool,but I like the other one much better. nice mix of grunge and trendy tho!

not bad at alL!! i think its dope. add more complexity to it. :slight_smile:

mmhh maybe blend the snow a bit more, and dont overlap your texts, make them meet ! otherwise its pretty good but i agree with vts32, add complexity to it

I like the bottom of the pic better than the top. I think the
lettering is a bit too large for rest of it. Looks good tho. :slight_smile: