Having preloader difficulties

I’ve built a preloader using kirupa’s tutorial, and it runs and then loads my swf, which I’ve imported to the second frame of the loader, but none of the buttons (rollovers, primarily) work when the swf finally loads. It’s behaving like a flat image. I’m wondering if there’s a publishing setting that I’m not doing correctly, or a way that I’m supposed to be importing the file. Don’t know. It’s driving me crazy, though. If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it.

you’re importing a .swf into your library? use loadMovie() if you want an external .swf to come into your movie, don’t import the .swf into your library.

I think that may be the cause of your problem.
If not, elaborate further the way your movie is composed.


What I have is a site with a main menu that stays up all the time at the top that has buttons that load (using loadMovie) external swfs into an empty movie clip, which all functions correctly without the preloader. These external swfs have various buttons in them as well, which load other external swfs into the same empty movie clip. This all works as well. What I was trying to do is put a preloader on all of these external movies. The only real way that I’ve found for doing that is to import the swf into my preloader movie and then save that as the new swf that would load, if that makes sense. So basically, when you hit a button that loads an swf into the empty movie clip, the preloader would load with percentage and then the movie would show up.
I’m wondering if there’s a way to have the preloader be external, and somehow code the button to call the preloader movie and the swf that I’m trying to load simultaneously. But if that won’t work, I just want to figure out how to make the preloader just load my movie in itself and have it behave as it does on it’s own. Sorry for the lengthy explaination. Hope it makes sense.

still looking for help on this one, if anyone has any ideas