Having real trouble getting nested movies to work

Hiya. I hate to have to ask for help, but I’ve spent all day with this one and it’s driving me nuts!

I’m making a cut-down Flash version of a Windows application, and I’m trying to set up the menus at the moment (you know, File, Edit, that kinda thing). I’ve got them each as separate movie clips that gotoandplay the second frame on rollover, which works a treat. It’s the submenus that get me. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and I know it’s probably just me forgetting a semi colon or something similar. What I intended was on mouseovering an invisible button, the clip goes to frame 3, displaying the submenu. I’ve used this tactic before and had no problems at all. I just can’t work out why this isn’t doing it. Please help me!

I’ve spent about four hours messing with the code, so there’s probably a bit of junk that I didn’t clean before I put it on.

Thanks heaps.
Leia Graf