Having some dumb problems here

Here goes…

My main movie loads an external swf (portfolio) into an empty MC called “emptyMC”. That portfolio.swf has buttons. When each button is pressed to load another new swf “tabletennis.swf” into the empty MC “view2”, I have a little transition, “tester” that plays in an empty MC called “view” which is called using attachMovie. Here’s the code…

on (release) {
_root.emptyMC.view.attachMovie ("tester", "window", 1);
loadMovie("tabletennis.swf", "_root.view2");


Now with each button that calls each new portfolio piece (tabletennis.swf, ball.swf, etc) I have a little bit of code to remove the “tester” MC from the “view” empty MC, which then reveals the remainder of each portfolio piece.

On the first frame of those external swf’s that are being loaded into empty mc “view2” i have the code


But that doesn’t seem to unload the “tester” attached movie located in empty MC “view”.

Anyone have any idea how to unload an attached movie that is sitting in an empty MC (view) that’s been loaded into another Empty mc (emptyMC) from the main timeline?

Hope this makes sense. Only took me 20 minutes to write it all out.

Thanks man.