Having some external .txt file problems

ok… i am completely stumped and desperate for help. i’ve done several of them, but this one is flat out stumpping me…

what i can tell you:
the dynamic text field is inside a movie clip so the scrollbar will work. the dynamic text field has html enabled. the actionscript is reading in the file as .htmlText, but if i try and add in <b></b> or <i></i> tags on any of the text, it wont work.

can someone please end my madness!!! it’s probably something stupid, but i am going nuts! i’ve attached a .zip file with the .fla and the external .txt. notice in the .txt file that there are the words “Q friends” that should be in bold, but they just dont show…

download my files here: http://beredefined.com/extTextHelp.zip

thoughts anyone?..