Having website music without a player

Hey out there;
This seems to be stumping people, so i’m hoping there’s someone on this forum that can defeat it.

Problem - getting a website theme song to stop playing when a flash movie from the site is played, and then restarted once the movie is over.

In my webmaster’s words…

“Imagine a website which was created in photoshop. All the pages are now linked together by assigning links in the html to buttons (jpeg). Now, there are flash movies which are the core of the site. So, you are on a html page, click a jpeg button, and it goes to an html page on which a flash media object was placed. Now, after you are done watching the movie, there are links in the flash that return you to the main (html) pages. Now, here is the question, how can we make a song loop through the site (html part) and stop once the movie is clicked (the html page with flash movie). For example, if we went with a pop-up flash music player, it would play fine through the different pages of the regular html, but when a movie begins, the sound would overlap. Of course, it wouldn’t overlap if the user closed the pop-up window, but then, when the movie is over, it would somehow have to re-load.”

IDEALY, i’d like to have NO POP UP PLAYER, for all the obvious reasons.
can someone out there explain how we can have a looping flash theme, that stops and restarts when flash movies from the site are done playing?


I’m a newbie to this but I’m sure one of the experienced vets will you help you better but the way I would start is by assigning a variable to the site theme and another variable to the other flash movies. You could then actionscript in a statement that would tell the site theme variable to check and see if the other movies were playing and if true then tell it to stop and if false to play site theme.

Just my 2 cents, trying to be helpful.