Haw do you make 1 movie 100%*100%

Haw do you make 1 movie 100%*100% and the other movie to not resize on top of the 100%*100% movie.Like this

pleac help me!


i didnt really understand but to set movie clip size in precent use _xscale and _yscale, if you want a movie to be 100% of the browser window - then i dont know, something with javascript - screen.width, screen.height (if i remebmer correctly)

Here’s what you do to achieve the same effect:

On the first frame of your movie:

fscommand("allowscale", false);

And then for the movieclip that contains the image:

imageMC.onEnterFrame = function() {
this._width = Stage.width;
this._height = Stage.height;

Then just set page margins/borders/and padding all to zero in the HTML.

The only real problem with having images on the stage in this way is that when someone resizes the browser, the image scale is lost (distorting the image).

Thank you for your answer but i dident get it to work! Maby you misunderstud me i wona make one swf the (image) that load a second swf that contains (the meny) The swf whith the image is easy to do 100%*100% and let it be scaled when browser window is resized. But to make the second swf unable to scale on level 2 thats what i´m wonering how to do.


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