Health Bar

Im making a game where there is a ufo and you have to watch out for balls that come at you. I have a health bar that every time you get hit it goes down a little bit. How can i make it so when the ufo collides into a ball it takes a little bit away from the health bar. How can i do this? and what is the scripting if its requires scripting

If your health bar were a movie clip and had an instance name of healthA1bar, and was on the main timeline, then you could use this.

first frame of the main timeline

function takeahit(){

now that’s really simple mind you.

are you going to have more than one alien on the screen at once?

are you creating the alien using an attachMovie(); or duplicateMovie() method?

I think, if you want code, you’re going to have to explain a lot more of what it is that you have already, and what it is you’re trying to accomplish with it.