Just wondering how many of you have heard of them and whether this is just local news or national/international news.

i thnk its local.

//of topic: i am listening to sweet home alabama right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i thought someone would’ve heard of it since they pulled an Enron/Worldcom. But, I guess not. Its kinda sad when the most well known thing from your state is a blind and deaf girl.

Yeah i know, its just like, why would they do something like that? And did anyone hear that AOL stayed aflot cause of “creative booking?” i donno someone said that like:

“Accoutants keept AOL afloat with having a good booking imagination. Now the books are being examend, this should be a good show”

Well, of course I have heard of Healthsouth - so I’ve selected the second option :wink: