Hello from the BBForum

Hey Kirupa members

I just thought I would stop by and say hi.

We’re currently “Battling” you guys and I wanted to make sure there was no bad blood because of it.

A large percentage of the members of my forum are also members here, and all speak highly of it.

So keep up the cool forum.

cya :ne:


yo, good to see ya:) like your site

[font=Fixedsys]OMG!!! - it’s Billy Bussey…(runs and grabs camera).[/font]

Thanks for dropping in! The battle between the sites is a friendly one, so it’s all good :slight_smile:

lol at kirupa good to see ya at these boards billy

guess he isnt sticking around

BYYYYEEEE BILLLLLLY in a gizmo sounding voice

where’s the ypdate on the contest?

hi billy!!!

Hey hey! Awesome site. …so i…wanna see the battle…NOW!

awesome, now we have both forum owners with four posts on the other’s boards… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a proud member of both forums! :thumb:

What a sexy man.

You know I’m joking. Riiiight!?

You should see him with the Brown loafer shoes off… now that’s sexy.



Psh, he’s probably just another one of those members who asks one question in the Flash MX forum and leaves…

Oh, Billy Bussey! Hey!


And hey, how in the WORLD do you people post to two forums? I guess I call it allegience to Kirupa, but hey, I don’t think I could handle two forums!

I’m with Radio, my interest in billys site has been tweaked and I’ll probably go over and take a look around but I can’t see myself on two forums…nope

guess I’m at Kirupa for life :thumb:

i find it funny how both sites are just the name of one guy. although they are both VERY deserving how both guys are geniouses and some of the nicest people i know.