I’m new on this forum and so I’m saying hello to one and all. My focal interest right now is using ActionScript 3.0 with Design Patterns. I am finding AS 3.0 to be a huge improvement over any previous incarnation of the language, but I’m also finding challenges injected by the ECMAScript standards. This is especially true in the area of abstract classes and methods. Using extensive comments and naming conventions (e.g., naming an abstract class, AbstractClass) I’ve been able to create workarounds.

Enough of that…I’ll post specific questions elsewhere on this list. I’ve used Flex 2, but the great bulk of my programming will remain within the Flash IDE. Nothing against Flex, but I just find the Flash environment more useful for what I do. My major focus has been using Flash Media Server 2, and getting it to work the way I want with AS 3.0 is a bit awkward, but it’s coming around.

Kind regards to all,