ok i made like rounded corners in photoshop how can i make tables in them in dreamweaver like over the picture?

This can be tricky. If you have fireworks it will set such a thing up for you.

If not, I believe, you’ll have to cut the image into sections, then use each section as the background pic for a cell in the table. (which you can do in the dreamweaver properties dialogue box)

You’ll have to be careful… cutting up images can be really tricky.

i make each rounded corner a table or what?

No, you make 1 table.

And have 3 cells in each row and have 3 rows. Kind of like a tic tac toe board.

Your corner images will go in cells 1, 3, 7, and 9. And your content will go in cell 5.

<td>Upper Left Corner</td>
<td>Upper Right Corner</td>
<td>Lower Right Corner</td>
<td>Lower Left Corner</td>

If the above table looks like gibberish to you, then I recommend you learn more about creating tables before you start this corner table project.

well… you might be able to do it with dreamweaver without learning the html method for table creation. In dreamweaver you simply do as lostinbeta says. “Insert/table” 3 cells by 3 cells.

The image gets cut into 9 pieces and saved as separate files (I suggest a highly optimized jpg to conserve file space).

When you’ve got it ready, you select a cell and in the properties panel choose an image as “background” for the cell.

do a test to see if they all meet up correctly at the edges.

Actually .gif files are less file size than .jpg files when optimized. Especially in this case.

.gif files are best for images with not many colors (256 I believe)

.jpg files are best for images that use anything after 256 (there are millions of colors).