Help a Beginer

Hai to all experts over there, Merry XMas

Ive been going through the tutorial for some time now…
the script that has been provided is great but id does not say where exactly it has to be put into…


should i put the code for a object or for the scene etc
i tried a few examples. but it is not working

Welcome to the forums!

what exactly do you need help with?

Can you post the link to the tutorial you are working on?

If the code looks similar to this:

//blah blah balh

then that code belongs to a MovieClip, and probably a specific movieClip so be careful.

if the code has no onEvent Identifer then it probably belongs to a frame ie:

if( statement ){
//do this in there
//do this

Many tutorials provide a fla to view, download that fla and check out the code in the fla. Another tip, if you are new to flash… press F1. read. That’s always a good place to start :wink: When posting on the forums, it’s always a good idea to try to describe your problem/situation as best as possible. But remember before posting try to do a search. Many of the topics have been discussed mutiple times in here. But we’re always glad to help :beam:

btw, Welcome

code snippets were given like this in a few boxes for
Simple Camera Panning - by senocular

this.createEmptyMovieClip(“theScene”, 1);
theScene._x = 150;
theScene._y = 150;

displayFigure = function(){
var angle = this.angle + cameraView.rotation;
var x = Math.cos(angle)*this.radius;
var z = Math.sin(angle)*this.radius;
var y = this.y;
if (z > 0){
if (!this._visible) this._visible = true;
var scaleRatio = focalLength/(focalLength + z);
this._x = x * scaleRatio;
this._y = y * scaleRatio;
this._xscale = this._yscale = 100 * scaleRatio;
this._visible = false;

now, where am i to place these, the 1 st frame ???