Help a newbie

Hi all,
I am planning on making a flash presentation where if someone was to write some text into a text box and press a button then flash would look up the word that goes with to a picture and show the picture. Only problem is i have no idea how and where i should start?

Any help you can give would be great thanx.

I tried that but no luck.

What i have is this: my three jpg images in the same directory.

the actionscript you provided on the first frame

An input text field with the instance name of myText

a button with the instance name of myButton

when i type in any of the words such as bug or baseball, nothing happens

I’ve obviously missed something here. I am using flash mx.


Could you attach the flash file?


You had a space between “my Button” on the instance name of your submit button.

Change it to myButton :slight_smile:

doh - homer time digital - sorry

thank you.

haha np happens to all of us.