Help advice needed on gallery

hi all,

im slowly learning flash but Im still a little unsure about how to go about things so maybe someone could offer me some advice. I know next to nothing about how to go about doing this…I don’t really know where to start…more than anything else I just need to know how to structure somthing like this!

things I would like to do…

buttons will be faded, when mouse rolls over they will become none faded…they also need to scroll up and down with the use of the scroll bars.

when buttons are clicked the full image will be reviled…the full image will fade up (maybe getting brighter and fading down)…also, above the image (blue strip) will show client and project names.

Iv seen a few tuts on how to create a gallery, but they all have “next” button that just runs though a sequence of images, I need individual buttons to match individual images (and titles)

thanks for reading, and thanks for any advice!