HELP : Anchors?

I made this ANCHOR tutorial I found over the internet and works fine. Easily setup and and easy to understand too.

However, there is this one tiny issue that poses a problem with Named Anchors in Flash.

Let’s say I have 3 anchors, in my example file are anchors one, two and three.

If you click on “two” anchor and hit the browser back button, it will send you back to “one”, which is perfect. The problem comes when you first click on “one” then you click on “three” and hit the browser back button, instead of sending you back to “one”, it will first go back to “two” then “one”. Which means, the browser will take you back basing on the order of the anchors in the timeline.

Have you tried a way around wherein it will actually work like other HTML site do with anchors?

Please see my attached example file.