HELP : Button


In my main stage, I have a RANDOM MC that plays random frame everytime you hit a button. Above it, is another layer with an EMPY MOVIE CLIP that loads EXTERNAL SWF files.

My problem is, everytime I load an EXTERNAL SWF, it will show the RANDOM MC below it before showing the loaded SWF. As what I expected.

I was wondering if there is an AS that checks if an MC is in this particular frame and if not, it will go to that frame. If it’s already in the specified frame, it will just STOP.

To give you an idea of my problem, here is the site I’m developing try click on CORPORATE and hit the buttons that will appear below it. ABOUT US, HISTORY, COREVALUES & MISSIOIN VISION FOUCS…you will that it will show the MC below it…

Thank You