Help: Call methods or dispatch events from Loaded swf?

OK, I must be massively missing something. I want to do the following, using a best practices method:[LIST=1]
[]From MAINSWF create a Loader
]Loader loads SUBSWF.swf, which contains buttons, code (AS3), etc
[]have buttons or code in SUBSWF.swf call a method or dispatch an event to MAINSWF. Really any way to get a message of any kind to MAINSWF will be fine.[/LIST]I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it, because:[LIST=1]
] I cannot trace up the displayObject chain from within Loader. The tree dies at Loader when I try to traverse upwards from SUBSWF.swf. So I cannot call the equiv of this.parent.parent.doStuff();
[*] I can’t get custom events to propagate up from SUBSWF.swf to MAINSWF. It’s as if there is an event “firewall” within Loader. See my related post for info.[/LIST]I’m sure someone has figured this out. Any help is much appreciated.