Help: Comparing strings over 2 levels and keeping score?


I am trying to do a string compare over 2 levels.

As you will see when you run the game, When you select the radio buttons and click continue the values are passed to the next movie under the ‘You selected’ column. I want to compare these with the values in the ‘Correct Answers’ column.

I have a ‘count’ that is supposed to be incremented if a string compare is successful (in actions in answers_train.fla), the final value of count is placed in the dynamic text field ‘_level1.score’ and then it checks the value of count and places a statement in ‘_level1.statement’.

However my string compare doesn’t seem to be working?

Can anyone help, I know I am asking alot lately buthave to make a very important deadline.

If anyboby wishes to help I can send them the zip file. It’s just a bit to big to fit on here.

Thanks in advance,


Send it to olives at funkyolive dot com.