HELP: Controlling Other Software

ok i basically need someone to spend some time with me working with me to try and get this happening. seeing im very much lost on the way this is done, i ive searched but am not totally sure on were to look or what to read…

heres my ponder.

There is currenting an interface board in development on another forum and there software is GREAT, but its just plain buttons and no transitons etc. a standard program…

Seeing as this software and hardware is going to be in my vehicle controlling a few things i wanted to make a real nice, smooth animated flash interface that will run off BOOT in front of windows… to be, in general, my all in one program that i can customise with really nice transitions and graphics…

Basically the short of it… i want to be able to control there software, that controls the interface hardware board itself. run it in the system tray and shoot off commands to it thru my flash interface, to there software, that communicates with the board. from what i know this can be done through the API.

I have no problems with making the actual interface and the rest of it. im just lost on how im going to contact this other program. many people say it can be done.

There software is fully accessable and is coded in C#.

heres a few things they have said about doing this.

[COLOR=“DarkOrange”]Quote:Originally Posted by Ryann
awesome progress with this guys, are we still looking into being able to control this program in system tray with lets say, actionscript an a flash .exe?


Yes you can do it. Basically there are hidden buttons that are easy to access and retrieve data from in the application. So if you are good at programming, then go ahead.

Myself and a beta tester have worked closely getting the buttons to be externally readeable and controllable through API calls while the program is in the systemtray. I am not familiar how flash calls native OS functions, but I am sure it can be done.

But yes you can read values from the buttons in realtime. Then parse your info from there. Also the buttons can all be pressed. If you look in the skin files, all the button’s names are listed in there for each form in the app which should make identifying button titles really easy. There are also hidden buttons, for both analogue and digital incase you cannot access them directly. There have been changes to how the buttons are drawn recently, so these may not be needed anymore.
Quote:Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster
Would it makes peoples lives easier if I create a *.dll that can be interfaced from outside programs?

That would be fantastic, and would also open up any 3rd party software being able to access and control the board. The software you have written is perfect for a CarPC environment and use on a touchscreen. However, if you enable complete control through a DLL it will open it up for many other applications as well, and a broader market. Such as using it to monitor temperatures around the home, fish tank water temperature, opening and closing of motorized devices such as blinds, drop down movie screens, garage doors… and about 1,000 other uses.

Having standard procedure calls to the DLL, would work perfectly. Those types of calls can be done in just about any languste VB6, VBScript, AutoIt ect.[/COLOR]

OK guys ive strectched it out, but inm giving u all as much as i know, anyone who can point ime in the right direction at least would be a help. i appreciated anyones thoughts…