HELP - Dead Scrollpane issue

Hi there all

I wonder is anyone can help?

I’m building a full flash website using a combination of both normal and nested “slides” swf’s

The main navigation page is done in normal flash - then the subdivisions are made with slides.

My problem is that in the one section I’m working on I have scrollpanes a few levels in.

Main window -> printers -> Mutoh -> ValueJET Series -> [Click here for more detail]

This is one example.

When I do test movie it all works perfectly b ut when I upload it to my server and access it live through Internet Explorer, the scrollbars become inactive and I lose the functionality of this component.

When I access it through Firefox then all works perfectly as well.

I’m pulling my hair out cause I need to present to my client tomorrow and cant find a way out.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me?

Cheers - Christopher