Help:: Drawing diagnal lines in flash with gradient overlay?

hey all,
this is prob an easy thing or maybe not. i want to recreate the generally overused 45 degree diagnal lines with gradient ovelay in Flash. It is simple in Photoshop as you just create a pattern with a diagnol line and then fill pattern and do a gradient overlay to make the effect.

Is there a way to do this in flash like i see so many sites with, or are people just using bitmap files in their flash files from photoshop?


just using regular pngs or jpgs. Dont think you can do that in flash well may some far AS can.

yeh i agree, use a jpg… thats what id do!

you can code to create the lines


you can use a jpg

or you can fill the area with your bitmap texture (however my flash acts bizarely and i have too zoom in 8 times to have a correctly sized texture no matter what i do) and then put a flash gradient over that (which supports transparency)