Help! dynamic .SWFs taking up resources

I’ve got an issue.

I’m not sure if I setup my movie(s) properly, or if I’m doing something wrong, so I’ll explain everything as clearly as I can.

I have a flash movie (“Main”).
It loads other SWFs (“sub-movies”) into a movieclip (“loaderMC”) when buttons are released.

Example: in “Main” movie, click a button, it loads “test1.swf” into “loaderMC”

~ When loading a sub-movie, the “Main” movie goes to a different frame, where a “BACK” button is shown.

~ Inside the sub-movies, each one has a 3-second embedded video of the view zooming-in to the area you clicked on in “Main”. It plays in the “Main” > “loaderMC” just fine. The video is played using an onEnterFrame() function, from a “controllerMC” that is in each sub-movie.

~ After the embedded video plays, it stops. From here, if you click on the “Main” > “BACK” button, it will write a _root variable that will tell the “controllerMC” to REVERSE the embedded video (zooming the view back out), also using the "controllerMC"s onEnterFrame() function.

~ Once the animation is done REVERSING, the “controllerMC” writes another _root variable which tells the “MAIN” movie that it’s done playing. Once this happens, it unloads the “loaderMC” with an unloadMovie() function.

"controllerMC"s function:

 if(_root.reverseThis == true){
  reverseMovie = function(){
   if(_root.loadMC.zoomMC._currentframe > 1){
    _parent.donePlaying = "true";
    delete this.onEnterFrame;
  playMovie = function(){
   if(_root.loadMC.zoomMC._currentframe < _root.loadMC.zoomMC._totalframes){

Obviously, this is quite a big process.

Once I’ve loaded about 4 or 5 sub-movies, each one plays slower and slower incrementally.

This is leading me to believe that the system resources are being used and not restored.

Should my movie/functions be layed out any differently to accomodate what I’m trying to accomplish?? How can I reduce system load so each SWF plays at the correct speed?

Please help if you can!