Help! Examples of how to use actionscripts in flash


I just started on a little assignment regarding actionscripts in flash. Sadly for me i cant even call myself a beginner. I have been looking around various sites trying to find help on how to get started. However the world of actionscripts seems to be bigger then i expected.

Either way im hoping some of you have the spare time to get me on the right path. As the topic says i need to make examples of how to use actionscripts in flash. If anyone have any good ideas/links/guides on something i could get started on, i would be over the moon. The more simple it can get, the better. Using and explaining a little bit of code is the important thing, unlike making something big and complicated.

Im sorry if you have seen anything idiotic like this a billion times on here before, posting the wrong place or explaining myself like a monkey. Im just having a hard time figuring out how and where to get started.

Regards Troels