I am trying to export a flash file (into Quicktime-I presume that’s best) and keep the high quality resolution that I have in flash.
This will later be run on either a DVD player or a Mac and projected in a constant loop onto a screen. I would prefer to have this available in a format that can be put onto a DVD.
However, when I export into Quicktime or QT video my file becomes grainy and ugly… Any suggestions?
Thanks to all.
Post Script: I’ve gotten the file into a swf format that looks good, can this be edited/turned into a usable format in a program like final cut?

did you get any answers to this?
like from other posts?
i would really like to know! I am doing the same thing,… and dont want to run into the same complications.

I am actually having trouble exporting the .fla into .mov.
i am getting errors… it say that my installed version of QT doesnt have the handlers to perform this type of action. HMMmmmm so i uninstalled,. and re-installed AND updated it. nothing.

Do i need PRO?

-me :tb:

no because i have pro and it doesn’t work for me

actually, you have to save the file as a FLASH 5 file,. and then export it as a QT mov and it works fine!


thank you!

-me :tb: