Help fading image into frame

Ok, well let me just start by saying that I am extremely new to flash and these forums. I am a “webdesigner” (meanign that I made my own site and a friends so im not like a proffesional at that either). I found these forums and thought that they would be able to help me find what I’m looking for.

My objective: To take my logo and have it fade into the frame. So like the page woudl just be dark grey, and then seemingly out of nowhere the logo would fade in. I know this doesnt seem like that hard of a task, but for me it is impossible, I tried following a tutorial and got stuck when it said “Create a new movie file” (to give you guys an idea on how new I am).

I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.

PS. Are there any books that are particularly good for teaching beginner flash that will teach me what I need to know to be able to integrade flash decently with my sites? I looked at “Flash 8 For dummies” lol and thought it might help, just want to ask you guys though.

Thanks alot.


Hi Ignite101,

Welcome to the boards!:slight_smile:

I think what you may be looking for you can find right here on Kirupa.

Firstly, let’s deal with your mask question/situation.
There’s even excerise files incase you get lost, hopefully you have Flash 8 or MX 2004. If you play the animation located at the bottom of that page it does exactly what you are asking for.

Secondly, a good place to look for tutorials would be here on
Make a list of baby steps or simple things you’d like to do in Flash first. Then work your way up.
Thats some basic stuff you can start with, under basic.

In the Flash8 forums, Senocular was kind enough to start a Flash8 tutorials and resources thread. Check that out when you get a chance.

You might also want to try doing a google search from time to time for specific tutorials that you can’t find elsewhere. I googled the tutorial you were asking about and it took me less than 2 minutes to find one specific to your question that seemed well written and clear.:}



Hey man thanks alot. That Tutorialized site looks like it will help a ton!

Oh I forgot to add, as far as books go. Even though keep in mind there are like a gajillion tutorial sites out there and forums.

I first started with and have a couple of the oreilly books which are heaven within themselves.

O’reilly Flash books