Help flash cs3 hd linking


I am making a final project for my comp class. I though it would be cool to have a presentation that will let you click on a button and the file would pop-up and you could view it. I did my presentation in Flash cause you can animated and since how big the file was is no concern to me the better.
The thing is my project consist of an PowerPoint File, Word, Access and Excel what i wanted to do was have the presentation in a website, the you click on a button and bam it ask you if you wanted to open the file with the program and stuff. The thing is that there is no need for the internet or a server on this, so normal linking at least for me does not work. For example i can link C:\project\lemanswinners.accdb using Dreamweaver and a pop-up will say do you want to open this file with MS Access and i will say yes and all is good. However with flash that does not happen, i use the get URL thingy which is the only thing i know. My question is how to link those files from the HD.

Is there a way to do it? or im just not making sense? im noob at flash so i dont really know.

if you dont understand my question please ask me again, i know is confusing.