Help - forms

Is there a way i can put HTML code in a flash thing and it comes out as HTML?


< b> This is bold </ b>

In the flash:

This is bold

Can you be more specific? You mean text in flash as bold? Or text loaded into flash as html. Also not sure what is has to do with forms.


I meant:

< form >
bla bla bla, form code
< / form >

something like that

Sorry… that is not possible. I wish it was, forms would be so much easier in Flash. (well for us HTMLers it would be).

You need to use the components in MX to do this. You can create your text boxes, but it is easier to use the components MX provides.

How’d you do:
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upside down?

Is it a java script?

It is done with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

First create a div tag. Then apply a width and height to it. Then in the tag type STYLE=“Filter: FlipV” Then all your text inside should be flipped.