Help get component working

Hello. So I’ve been trying to learn AS3, while working on a new project using Gaia Framework ( The component I am trying to get working is a papervision powered 3D Carousel (
It seems to work fine when opening the example FLA’s, but I cannot get it to work in my project files (in the gaia framework)

I have the component on the first frame. It’s instance name is “myCarousel” - I declare this in my class with

public var myCarousel:CarouselEvent;

Now I get a list of all these errors (for all the carousel properties - which are all defined in the parameters on the component on the stage):

1119: Access of possibly undefined property animationStyle through a reference with static type

Not sure why it thinks all the parameters of the component are undefined properties. How do I make flash recognize them?
Should I add the component to the stage with code? How do I do this? And if I have to do that, how do I set those parameters with code?

Sorry, I’m new to AS3 and can’t seem to figure this out!