Help getting Voets FlashLevel Nav integrated into my gallery

ok I can’t get the nav to scroll… I worked on it in a seperate file and everything works but now that I have transferred the movieclips to my main file it isn’t working… here is the AS:

I’ve tried moving the code around putting it on the main timeline etc but I’m lost I think its something wrong with calling the menuBoot function it doesn’t seem to be calling it I’ve tried using setinterval to wait a few secs to call it and that didn’t work. So I’m lost…

AS from main timeline…

//Init Variables
_global.numofthumbs = 0;
menuspacing = 25;
thumbspacing = 80;
gallerynames = new Array();
gallery_xml = new XML();
gallery_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
//End Init Variables
gallery_xml.onLoad = function(loaded) { 
    if (loaded) {
    } else {
        _root.gallerytitle.text = "Error Loading XML Data";

//START Processing