Help help help

I need urgent help with this.

I have a movie that I created which is my entire website (homepage). I have another movie which is a scrolling thumbnail viewer. If viewed it shows in full screen a scroling bar with my images and once clicked the image enlarges on top of the scrolling bar.

What i need to do is load this scrolling movie INTO a section of the main movie. For example, in a section of my main page, in a small rectangle box or something I want this scrolling movie to play BUT i want it to respect the rectangle box as it’s borders. I have managed to get the movie to play on the page but it just plays in full screen over all the over graphics and the box, it doesn’t limit it’s size to the box i created.



Oh yeah, please try to make this as simple to understand as possible, i get confused easily :slight_smile:

Thanks to anybody who can take this on…

you shouldn’t post with ‘help help help’ as the subject. it’s very annoying.
now…whether you are loading into a level or into a target, make sure that you set the movie’s properties so that it will fit into the box. if you are talking about a mask then put the mask in the movie you are loading - do NOT load a movie into a masked object.
more detailed questions get more detailed answers.

Easy tiger, keep the sarcasm to a minimum, all I asked for was some help, if you have none to offer then don’t.


Is there any way to make the rectangle the viewable window and have it automatically make the 2nd movie fit into it ?

Perhaps ?

(Have to butt in on his behalf…) you have to understand anoyance at a post titled “help help help” It’s not discriptive of the problem. Most of us with answers have taken to passing over the posts with non discriptive subject lines.
So, if you are looking for help, you’re LESS likely to get it because of the lack of info in your subject header.

As for me… I’m off to offer help to people with very discriptive subject lines. If I have time later I’ll see if I can answer your question.

Thanks for your patience.

Let’s try and think here. There’s no reason why your scroller should get inside your box, is there ? No, so what you have to do is resize your scroller movie to the exact size of your box, and then load it. Do you know how to position a loaded movie ?

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