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I got an issue with actionscript and we just can’t settle it.\r\rI have 3 buttons\rWhen I press #1, I want a symbol #1 to move to a given place.\rWhen I press #2 I want symbol #2 to the same thing, but if button 1 is already pressed I need symbol #1 to move back to its first position and oif course the other way around. \r\rI hope everyone understood that. I tried something, but it did not work.\rSince I am complete AS newbie I don’t know what to do.\rIf someone really should take the time to post an answer, could he (or she) please explain the code if he (or she) should post one?\r\rthx\r\rDon Albino

hi don,\r\ri have learned a lot from the tutorials on this site\r\rTHANKS KIRUPA!!\r\rplease take a look at this tutorial, it’ll take you 15 minutes max, it’s not exactly the same situation as yours but you’ll get the concept… the instance you want to control with button 1 and 2 should be a movieclip and control it by telltarget\r\…target.asp\r\rhave fun, good luck,\r\rmeesje

I alreadey did that and mastered it easily.\rIt is kinda hard to make understood, what I want to say, but I need the objects to move in an animation to the spot I designated and back when another button is pressen. This is supposed to work with three or more buttons. I got all the telltarget stuff but his is little harder.\r\rI still don’t think I made myslef understood. But what the heck, it was worth a shot.\r\rDon Albino

ah! sorry you fast learner =)\r\rwel i tried something\r\\r\ris this what your looking for?\r’twas good practise for me anyway\rsome waving with flags is needed\rmethinks =\ still learning…\r\rmail me if you want the source\r\rhugs and kisses :slight_smile: \r\rmeesje

That is exactly what I want, except, that I need something else to move, instead of the button itself. BUt it should be almost the same.\rYou said: mail me\rDon’t have your adress. Could you mail me the source to\r[email protected]\r?\rThat’d be really cool, since that is kinda bothering me.\r\rThanks\rDon Albino

Hey, that’s cool ! Can I have it too ?\r[email protected]\r\rpom 0]

guys =)\r\rpoint your browser to\r\\r\ryou can d/l the .zip there\r\rBTW the flags are set through frameactions\rso if you click fast, the anim gets @#%$ up\r(that’s why i set it to 100 fps :wink: )\rit’s easy to solve if you include the flag toggling\rinside the buttonaction\rbut this way i thought it’s maybe easier to read the scriptflow\r\rgood luck\r\rmeesje

thanks meesje. I couldn’t see it with I love Netscape and its system of everlasting html pages in the cache.\r\rpom 0]