Help-How to make this simple typing game?

Hi! I’m fairly new to flash mx and know very little about actionscript. I’m trying to make a simple typing game but have no idea what are the fundamentals that the actionscript should contain for this task.
An outline for the functions of this typing game is as follows:
-One word will be shown at a time for the player to type exactly. When the player punches the correct keys on the keyboard. The letter is highlighted, when one word finishes, a new word appears.
-There are five levels, each level has 10 words with a time limit, the time limit stays the same throughout the game. The higher levels contain longer words to type.

  • The time bar is at the bottom and if the player finishes the ten words before the bar fully fills, he goes to the next level, if not, he can choose quit or try again the level failed.
  • Next to the time bar there is a variable reminding the player of the number of words in that particular level that has been done. For example…3/10

If someone know hows to do this and is willing to help it will be greatly appreciated. Hope I can learn something from this too