Help - How to use swapdepths() with movieclips

hello all. This is my first post here. I am learning actionscript and have given myself a project. I am trying to make depth swapable movie clips and cannot get it to work. Here is an example of what I want to.
WARNING - this is a model’s personal site, and it has a bit on nudity on it and will not be work safe.

if you click on the menu bar on the top right side of the frame, then click pictures. Click on any set of the pictures and click on two photos.

as you can see, these photos act like individual windows and can be stacked and the depth can be swapped.

i am trying to achieve this similar effect. what i have done so far is this.

  1. built images into movieclips into their own seperate .swf files
  2. built a stage that calls these images using the createEmptyMovieClip function. I am using createEmptyMovieClip() instead of LoadMovie() because i could not figure out how to position items using LoadMovie().

the problem lies when i try to add the swapDepths() function. it simply does not work.

Can any experts please let me know if I am on the right track as far as concept goes? also, i would be glad to email the source i have so far upon request if you can assist with the swapDepths…

thanks in advance,