HELP! i can´t open SSL sites

I know that somebody here can help me.

many months ago, my internet explorer doesn´t open SSL (security sites) websites, neither msn messenger neither MSN explorer… in consequence I cannot to chat with my friends, I cannot see how much money do I have in the bank, and the problem its no so simple like it seems.

I tried to download the biggest JAVA patches for my explorer, I tried in the control panel, I tried in the internet explorer options, I had do everything that I can. so I think that the solution is not simple. (or if it is i had not discovered it).

maybe a hint must be that the problem comes from that I installed the MSN messenger 6 in my WINDOWS XP home edition. (i tried to unistall it but the problem doesn´t ends)

because in another computer I installed the MSN messenger 6 and did happen the same-

please if you know, HELP ME!!!.