Help, i dont understand this, parent in my own code :(

Hi there, i’m trying to do a drag and drop, works fine but idk why :confused:

i have this code

if (mcTMP.dropTarget != null) {
  for (var i:Number=0; i<=hit; i++) {
   if (mcTMP.dropTarget.parent == this["hit" + i]) {
    this["lin" + i].appendText(,;
    lins* = uint(this["lin" + i].text);

mcTMP is a movieClip = from mouseUp.

So, im inside mcTMP mouseUP, if i drop target hit0 movieclip i got a number. ok
but…if im inside mcTMP, should be: mcTMP.dropTargert == parent.hit0 (coz hit0 its outside mcTMP), but i have to use THIS to work :/, as well lin0 movieclip, this.lin0?? lin0 its also outside mcTMP, should be parent.lin0

why it is still working??